AltiGen Skype and Office 365 Integrations

AltiGen Unified Communications with Skype for Business Applications

Seamlessly integrates MaxCS’s business critical phone system features with Skype for Business’ innovative UC applications. Combine MaxCommunicator with Skype for a single phone / IM interface, make PBX calls through your Skype client, visualize employee presences and much more!

Altigen MaxCommunicator with Skype integration
MaxCS and Skype for Business Seamless Integration
  • AliGen’s MaxCommunicator with Skype for Business Client
  • Skype for Business Client to PSTN via MaxCS PBX
  • Unified Docked Client (MaxCommunicator/Skype for Business)Deployed as a Skype for Business trusted application
  • Presence Synchronization & Extension Mapping
  • Flexible Dialing
Fully Leverage Office 365 with MaxCS UC Solution
  • AliGen’s MaxCS PBX for Voice
  • Instant Messaging [IM] with Skype
  • Web Conferencing and Collaboration
  • Company Wide Presence
  • Mobile and Tablet Client Support
AltiGen Office365 Integration